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MS Electrical Engineering

The Department of Electrical Engineering also offers MS program of studies which essentially entails specialization in a specified area of the discipline of Electrical Engineering. Currently these areas comprise of Communication Systems, Digital Signal Processing and Control Systems.

The MS program in Communication Systems involves studying advanced courses in wireless communications, digital modulation techniques, secure communication, telecommunication and switching and cryptography. The MS program in Signal processing deals with advances courses in DSP, digital image processing, adaptive signal processing, computer and machine vision and advanced computer networks. The MS program in Control Systems exposes the students to linear control systems, robust control, adaptive control and fuzzy control systems.

A prospective student for any of these schemes is required to study eight advanced courses and completing a research thesis in the assigned topic for six credit hours. Although the department exhorts all MS students to opt for research thesis, still an option is available to study two addition courses at Master’s level in lieu of thesis to qualify for the award of degree.

A student normally takes three to four courses in his / her major area and remaining may be selected from subjects being offered by the department. An MS degree in Electrical Engineering from HITEC University opens the doors for excellent job opportunities in telecommunication and process industries as well as strategic organizations in the country and abroad. MS qualifies Electrical Engineering postgraduates are also readily accepted in academic institutions