Department of Civil Engineering


Civil Engineering usually includes a variety of engineering specialties like structural engineering, transportation systems, fluid mechanics, water geo-systems and environmental resources, engineering etc. Recent regional infrastructure development, consisting of a series of mega projects, to be accomplished under China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), requires proficient and skilled civil engineers. CPEC is intended to be of strategic importance to Pakistan and entails energy producing projects, enhancing transportation infrastructure, development of dedicated economic zones and boosting the tourism industry. Similarly, the recent water-scarcity awareness at national level highlights the significance of constructing new water reservoirs. Needless to say, that water storage dams and their infrastructure including the downstream distribution networks do require a very large number of competent and well-versed civil engineers. Civil Engineers are employed in a broad spectrum of engineering situations like manufacturing companies, construction firms, power companies, petroleum industry, mining concerns and consulting engineering firms. Many opportunities for Civil Engineering employment also exist in district, provincial and federal engineering departments as well. The Department of Civil Engineering has been established in 2019. Currently this department offers BS in Civil Engineering. The curriculum is in line with the requirements of Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) and is comprehensive enough to meet all challenges and requirements of the field of Civil Engineering both at national and international levels.

In an attempt to facilitate our undergraduate students and to enhance their capability to identify real world problems and recommend economically and environmentally viable solutions, the Department has set up a well-coordinated guiding system that provides counseling and support to the students Every student is advised and encouraged to interact with other students and faculty members, so that, after the completion of BS program, they have better understanding of their field of choice and contribute to the society as professionally mature team leaders.

After the completion of the program, the degree of BS Civil Engineering is conferred and the accompanying transcript of grades reflecting the sequence of subjects studied and qualified. The program spans over four years (eight semesters) and comprises 139 credit hours.