Human Resource


  1. General Provisions
    1. Leave is earned by duty. It cannot be claimed as a matter of right even when due, and if the exigencies of duty so require, the leave can be refused, and / or if leave has already been granted or being availed, the remaining portion of it can be revoked and the employee can be recalled to join forthwith.
    2. It shall not be necessary to specify the reasons for which leave has been applied so long as that leave is due and admissible to an employee.
    3. Leave shall be applied for, expressed, and sanctioned, in terms of days.
    4. If an employee is recalled to duty compulsorily with the approval of competent authority from leave of any kind that he is spending away from HITEC University, he may be granted a single return fare, from the station where he is spending his leave to the place where he is required to report for duty and one daily allowance as is admissible on official duty. If return from leave is optional, the employee is not entitled to any concession.
    5. An employee on leave may return to duty before the expiry of the period of leave granted to him unless he is permitted to do so by the authority which sanctioned his leave.
    6. Generally, leave applied for on medical certificate shall not be refused, however in special circumstance the competent authority can refuse the medical leave.
    7. Holidays falling within the period of any kind of leave shall be counted as leave. They may be suffixed or prefixed to the leave with the permission of the sanctioning authority.
    8. An employee may apply for the type of leave which is due and admissible to him and it shall not be refused on the ground that another type of leave should be taken in the particular circumstances.
    9. One type of leave may be combined with any other type of leave otherwise admissible to the employee however; Casual Leave shall not be combined with any other kind of leave.
    10. No leave shall be availed of unless it is actually granted, except leave applied for under emergent circumstances if proved to the satisfaction of the sanctioning authority.
    11. It shall be the duty of the applicant to make sure that the leave applied for has actually been sanctioned. While proceeding on leave, he / she shall hand over the charge of his post. A report to this effect shall be sent through his / her immediate superior. It shall be also his / her duty to leave behind all papers, cash and keys in his custody in the manner determined by his immediate officers. An employee on return from leave shall report for duty to the authority that sanctioned his leave.
    12. Leave must be applied for on the prescribed form stating the kind of leave required. In addition, medical certificate will be submitted in case leave on medical grounds is required. Application shall be submitted sufficiently in advance of the date from which leave is sought to be availed.
    13. Application for leave shall be submitted to the immediate officer who shall forward the same to the HR Section, along with his remarks and the arrangements proposed during the absence of the applicant, if the period of leave applied for is a week or more.
    14. Leave account in respect of each employee shall be maintained by the HR Section, in such form as may be prescribed by University.
    15. Unless the leave of any employee is extended, an employee who remain absent after the end of his leave shall not be entitled to any remuneration for the period of such absence and without prejudice to any disciplinary action that may be taken against him, double the period of such absence shall be debited against his leave account.
    16. Instead of indicating whether leave starts or ends in the forenoon or afternoon, leave may commence from the day following that on which an employee hands over the charge of post and may end on the day preceding that on which he resumes duty.
    17. All employees who were in service before the implementation of these Regulations including those who were on leave on that date shall be governed by these Regulations.
  2. Types of Leave. HITEC University employees will be entitled to following types of leave:
    1. Annual Leave. All employees will be entitled to a maximum 30 days Annual Leave each year @ 2.5 days per month after having served full year. For the period of service less than a year annual leave will be admissible proportionate to the period of service. Leave availed by members of the faculty during academic breaks will be adjusted against Annual Leave. Teaching Faculty will be granted leave during summer break only.
    2. Casual Leave. An employee is entitled to maximum of 15 days Casual Leave in a year. Casual Leave shall not be combined with any leave and shall not normally be granted for more than five days at a time. It may be prefixed or suffixed to a closed or optional holiday. Prefixed and suffixed days shall not be credited to the leave account of the employee. Any balance not availed shall lapse with the end of the year.
    3. Study Leave. Study leave means leave granted to an employee for the purpose of pursuing higher education or study or research in accordance with the policy of the University. The employee may be allowed to avail the study leave without pay and permitted to rejoin the university after completion of study subject to availability of vacancy and requirement of the department.
    4. Maternity Leave. Maternity leave may be granted with pay, outside the leave account to a female employee to the extent of forty five days in all from the date of her confinement. Maternity leave may be granted in continuation of or in combination with, any other kind of leave as may be due and admissible to a female employee.
    5. Medical Leave. Medical leave may be granted outside the leave account of an employee up to maximum of 30 days with full pay on such medical advice as Vice Chancellor may consider necessary, to an employee temporarily disabled by injury, ailment or disease on production of medical certificate issued by hospital/doctor authorized by the University. Leave on medical ground beyond 30 days will be converted into Extra Ordinary leave without pay.
    6. Leave Ex-Pakistan. Leave Ex-Pakistan may be granted on full pay in Pakistani rupees to an employee for the period he is entitled for the leave. Any period spent in access of the entitled leave will be without pay.
  3. Competent Authority
    1. The Vice Chancellor or an officer to whom authority has been delegated shall be the Competent Authority to grant leave other than Casual Leave to faculty / officers in the Secretariat of the University.
    2. Deans / PSOs / Chairpersons and Directors will exercise powers to sanction the casual leave of their employees under the powers delegated to them from time to time by the competent authority.
    3. All other types of leave including ex-Pakistan leave shall in all cases be granted only by the Vice Chancellor of the University.