About HITEC University


HITEC University emblem symbolizes Pakistan’s national heritage, ideological moorings, cultural values, and provides conviction and courage to its students.

The University emblem is a roundel, in line with traditional Muslim shield. It has two rings; the outer ring contains the name of institution and its motto while the inner ring embodies a multi-layered insignia. On the top is the rising Sun signifying energy, hope and newness. At the bottom is a body of water which is source of all life. In the middle, the white emerging lines stand for the Earth which is abode of all mankind. The blue lines show rivers on the Earth indicating that civilizations have grown on the banks of rivers. The pattern formed by white and blue lines alludes to an open book that represents all recorded human knowledge. The book is placed on the surface of water pointing to an eternal challenge we are confronted with. In the backdrop of the book, emerges the golden Sun sending its rays across the Universe. The rising Sun also represents the dawn of a new era where darkness is dispelled and brightness is ushered in.