Department of Mechanical Engineering

About Department


The BS, MS and PhD programs of the department are duly accredited by the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) and the Higher Education Commission (HEC). The world-renowned Outcome Based Education (OBE) system under the Washington Accord is followed in the department. This helps us implement and follow international standards in the teaching learning and evaluating process, which in turn is very helpful for students when it comes to furthering their higher educational pursuits abroad. The department also firmly believes in academia-industry linkages, which further strengthens learning of our students. They get practical learning and research opportunities like this, so industrial visits are an integral and vital feature at the department of mechanical engineering.

We actively involve our students in research fields like production and manufacturing, machine fabrication, machine component designing, human powered vehicles, thermo-fluids, structures and materials, renewable energy resources, material characterization and optimization, solar system manufacturing and so on. The department houses 12 well equipped laboratories for carrying out experimentations by students in the various fields of mechanical engineering. We are really grateful to Heavy Industries Taxila (HIT) for extending their patronage to our students to conduct various supervised projects, by offering their facilities. We believe that it is the environment, conducive to learning that helps a student, nurture creativity and entrepreneurial leadership through abroad based education. Hence, a special emphasis is laid on developing skills such as having an analytical bent of mind, logical reasoning, problem solving approach and other soft skills to perform in teams effectively, in different working environments. Similarly, students cultivate a solid background in fluid mechanics, material science, design, heat transfer, dynamics, thermodynamics and manufacturing for application within an industrial context.

It will be unjust, not to mention the highly qualified, self-motivated and experienced faculty of the department of mechanical engineering. They are the real strength of the department and make it all happen efficiently. The faculty, along with imparting quality education also remains involved in research activities and supervision of the students in their projects and extra-curricular pursuits. They work as active and efficient team members, who with their professional competence discharge their duties diligently to further the objective of imparting quality education.