Department of Islamic Studies

About Department


The Department of Islamic Studies established in 2008, the Department envisioned evolving into a center of excellence for producing religious scholars to revitalize the spirit of Islamic thought and scientific query. The curricula and syllabi of Islamic studies are designed to provide in-depth knowledge of basic Islamic Sciences such as Al Quran, Al Hadith, Al Fiqh, Islamic history, Islamic thoughts, Seerah, Islamic culture and Civilization. The objective of the program is to provide a thorough understanding of fundamental sources of Islam, to deal with present challenges and to create viable and logical solutions of contemporary problems.

The Department invites students to pursue BS, MS and PhD programs and offers the opportunity to study variety of courses which are aimed at producing researchers capable of dealing with contemporary challenges.

Here are some of the Benefits while pursuing degree at the Department of Islamic Studies.

Comprehensive Curriculum:

The program curriculum is designed to provide students with a strong foundation in their principles, as well as an understanding of moral values and behaviors and apply it on their life routine.

Experienced Faculty Members:

The faculty members have a strong track record of research and teaching in their respective field. All our faculty members are PhD holders. As well all our faculty member having different specialization with in Islamic Studies.