Department of Management Sciences


The program's educational goal is to provide students with the knowledge and skills they need to contribute appropriately and professionally as business professionals, as well as to demonstrate cross-discipline understanding of core business functions and to exhibit readiness to work in a diverse work setting, respecting various cultural values, and performing ethically. The undergraduate program (BBA) is developed with a clear objective to produce future managers with strong theoretical knowledge and leadership & management skills. Due emphasis is placed upon cultivation of entrepreneurial spirit and leadership qualities to produce managers with high competence and ethical values.

A unique combination has been adopted to create managerial skills, confidence building and decision making. The undergraduate program is of eight semesters spread over four years, and the curriculum is designed to enable students to work effectively in a business environment that has become increasingly complex. The programs offer specialization opportunities to students in areas like Marketing, Human resources and Finance. The students will be required to undergo eight weeks of Noncredit Internship in a business organization during the summer break after the sixth semester and engage in Community Service in line with the program designed by the Directorate of Student Affairs of the University. Students will have the opportunity to work on a business project in their 7th and 8th semesters bringing in all their knowledge gained in the first six semesters of a four-year program and will address real-life business problems.

The Bachelors of Accounting & Finance is a highly specialized degree, preparing the graduate as having expertise in Accountancy and Finance. The students will acquire the knowledge and technical skills needed to analyze Accounting/Finance and business problems, and they will understand how best to communicate and use financial information to support business decisions. The degree offers specialization in Accounting and/or Finance.

With the management of financial information underpinning all business activities, there are more employment and career opportunities in accounting and finance than many other areas of study. This degree will prepare students for a rewarding career in any sector of the economy. The graduates may work as a Financial Accountant, Forensic Accountant, Management Accountant, Auditor, Chief Financial Officer, Financial Advisor and Tax Specialist. Syllabus coverage of the courses allows the students not only to attain the BS degree but also to attempt ACCA (UK) papers, within the 4 years. At the end of this time period, a candidate may become a graduate and a professional qualification holder. ACCA offers exemption of up to first 9 papers to the graduates having Bachelors of Accounting and Finance degree.

The Bachelors of Accounting & Finance program is aimed at giving students a solid foundation in accounting and finance, rounded out with the all-important interpersonal, computer, and business communication skills critical for success in today’s business environment. The degree will give students an understanding of the legal and regulatory environment that commercial organizations and accounting professionals must work within. They will learn the concepts and processes needed to protect, validate and attest to the integrity and reliability of financial information.

By studying financial institutions, markets, and business finance, students will learn about the components of the financial system and how it impacts upon financial decisions in an organization. Students will study the financial system, institutions, and financial instruments, which are involved with the transfer of funds between individuals, businesses and governments. This includes critical short-run decisions, such as cash management and credit policy, which affect the survival of the organization. Long-term decisions include investment in plant and equipment, fundraising, all of which determine the wealth of the owners.

The HITEC University MBA program is aimed at developing student's intellectual ability, executive personality and managerial skills through an appropriate blending of business and general education. The MBA program at HITEC university is as unique as it is transformative, it is focused on creating business leaders with the power to effect positive societal change.

The MBA curriculum provides students with a comprehensive management education of globally recognized best practices with flexibility of their adaptation to indigenous entrepreneurial and societal context. Our MBA Program is designed not only to prepare innovative leaders and professionals for corporate and public sectors, but also develop entrepreneurial acumen creating value for the world. The program will help students to develop a range of analytical, conceptual and operational skills that address the many challenges in industries.

The program offers a wide spectrum of learning opportunities to the students, fostering a skill set adaptive to a dynamically changing world. The development of this competence is reflected in our commitment to teaching excellence and scholarly research to animate instruction and create a futuristic knowledge base. The HITEC MBA diligently seeks possible opportunities to bolster the program offerings with strategic collaborations with various industries and other academic institutions in the region.

Our MBA is a professional degree that prepares individuals for careers in a variety of fields, including business organizations, government, international agencies, and the nonprofit sector. The Students can pursue their career as successful entrepreneurs, or to assume leadership positions in SMEs, major local and multinational corporations, in consulting firms, or in government service.

The HITEC University MBA is a 2 years’ degree program which comprises of 66 credit hours for those with 16 years of education. There are two pathways in MBA Program. The minimum duration for completing the MBA degree is 1.5 years, only applicable for those who have a first degree in business or related disciplines, and may secure an exemption of Maximum 30 credit hours as per the University policy. Also, those coming with background other than business shall complete 4 semesters (i.e. two years duration). The main entry requirement is at least 16 years of formal education with 2 CGPA is required in last degree and 50% marks in Intermediate.

Business Analytics is the practice of using data, statistical and quantitative analysis, and computational methods to extract insights and make data-driven decisions to improve business performance. It involves collecting, processing, analyzing, and interpreting large volumes of data from various sources to better understand business trends, customer behavior, market dynamics, and internal operations.

Business Analytics involves a wide range of techniques and tools, including data mining, predictive analytics, and machine learning, optimization, and data visualization. It is used across many industries and business functions, such as marketing, finance, and operations to support decision-making processes, identify opportunities for growth and improvement, and solve complex business problems.

In summary, Business Analytics provides a framework for organizations to use data and analytics to gain valuable insights, optimize business processes, and make more informed decisions that lead to better results.