Human Resource

Types And Classification of services

  1. Types of University Employment. All employments shall be made on contractual basis. There shall be two types of contractual employments:
    1. Fixed Period Appointments. All appointments other than faculty are considered Fixed Period Appointments and shall continue according to the contract period.
    2. Open Ended Appointments. All faculty appointments are regarded as Open Ended Appointments and shall continue their service subject to their good health and performance.
  2. Classification of University Service. The employees of the University are classified in six main groups:
    1. Management
      (1) Vice Chancellor
      (2) Registrar
      (3) Treasurer
      (4) Controller Examination
      (5) Director Student Affairs
      (6) Director Quality Assurance and Collaborations
    2. Academic Staff
      (1) Deans
      (2) Chairpersons of the Departments
      (3) Faculty Members
      (4) Lab Engineers
    3. Executives
      (1) Deputy Registrar
      (2) Deputy Controller of Examinations
      (3) Deputy Directors
      (4) Deputy Treasurer
      (5) Managers
    4. Officers
      (1) Assistant Registrar
      (2) Assistant Director
      (3) Asst Controller of Examinations
      (4) Assistant Treasurer
      (5) Assistant Manager
      (6) Software/Hardware/Network Engineer
      (7) Audit Officer
      (8) Finance Officer
    5. Secretarial and Other Staff
      (1) Superintendents
      (2) Coordinators
      (3) Lab Supervisors
      (4) Senior Data Entry Operators
      (5) Senior Lab Assistants
      (6) Senior Library Assistants
      (7) Network Technicians
      (8) Data Entry Operators
      (9) Lab / Lib Assistants
      (10) Office Assistants
    6. Skilled
      (1) Horticulture Superintendent
      (2) Technical Staff
      (3) Telephone operators
      (4) Electricians
      (5) Drivers & Tradesmen
    7. Unskilled
      (1) Head Mali
      (2) Mali / Helpers
      (3) Waiters
      (4) Naib Qasids
      (5) Guards
      (6) Sweepers
  3. The designation assigned from time to time is intended to describe the nature of responsibility attached to the job in a general manner. The University, however, may assign a designation not stated in the group of the employee's scale if such designation is considered more appropriate. However, the salary of an employee is dependant only upon the group and scale and not necessarily on the designation assigned to him.