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Vice Chancellor's Message

Welcome to the prestigious HITEC University which is characterized by its excellent teaching- learning environment and diversity in its programs to prepare the students in response to recent technological advancements and global challenges. Our major objective is to create a platform for free and open exchange of a wide range of ideas in a culture of mutual respect, where our shining students can meaningfully contribute to provide innovative solutions to the public and private organizations within the country and abroad. Our competent faculty strives to impart the most advanced analytical and specialized skills in our students to contribute for the betterment of our nation. We believe that innovation requires an optimized blend of engineering, mathematics, social sciences and business applications to be compiled together in an interdisciplinary fashion.

Advanced labs, innovative & interactive teaching methodologies, foreign qualified & experienced faculty, conducive research opportunities, and academia-industry linkages have all been merged to place HITEC University among top emerging universities of Pakistan. HITEC University is distinguished for its progressive curriculum design that mainly focusses on problem-solving capabilities, industrial-specific objectives, creative design abilities, and interdisciplinary research methodologies. Our students really enjoy an interactive learning experience that goes beyond merely learning tools or knowledge, but development of critical thinking and provision of solutions to complex problems. HITEC University's academic prospects are balanced with campus lifestyle which provides numerous extracurricular activities such as sports, literary, debating, cultural adventurous and social events.

With an outstanding legacy of 13 years, our University has already out classed its competitors in electrical, mechanical, computer and civil engineering as well as in computer science, mathematics and Islamic studies programs. All our undergraduate engineering programs are accredited by Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) based on Outcome Based Education (OBE) system under Washington Accord (WA). Our engineers with OBE degrees are at par with the engineers of WA signatories and are, therefore, being employed in USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, South Korea, China, Japan, UK and Malaysia. Our BS Computer Science program is also accredited with the highest category 'W' by National Computing Education Accreditation Council (NCEAC).

On top of its excellent undergraduate programs, HITEC University also offers admissions in MS and PhD programs in cutting-edge research areas in electrical, mechanical, computer engineering, computer science, mathematics, and islamic studies. Our highly-qualified PhD supervisors are approved by HEC and have attained international exposure in academia and industry. These supervisors enjoy international recognition due to their research contributions in the highly reputed journals and conferences. HITEC University is also eligible for financial support through public funding for its faculty development, research pursuits, foreign faculty hiring and infrastructure development. Office of Research, Innovation, and Commercialization (ORIC) focuses on providing conducive environment to our research students through its collaborative arrangements with the industry, funding/sponsoring partners and national R&D institutions.

For the benefit of our students, HITEC University also offers students exchange programs with different reputed international universities at mutually agreed terms and conditions. In addition, our university is a pioneer member of Asia Technological University Network (ATU-NET), an international alliance of more than 20 universities from 10 Asian countries and our students can choose to study for one semester in a university of their choice without paying any tuition fee. If you wish to become a successful professional or entrepreneur, then join us. I would like to welcome you at HITEC University to study the most demanding and challenging discipline of your choice.

Prof. Dr. S. Kamran Afaq
Acting Vice Chancellor