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MS Computer Science

The exponential growth in computing and technology has undoubtedly created a great demand for the professionals in the area of computer science. In order to fulfill qualified human resource for meeting demands of the IT industry, academia and software market, the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (DCS&E) started its MS Computer Science (MSCS) program in Fall 2014. The vision of this program is to bridge the gap by producing qualified manpower for expansion and growth of software industry in Pakistan which will play a key role for the socio-economic uplift of the country. MSCS Program offers an opportunity for the computer professionals to grab jobs in the software industry, academia and research-oriented organizations in order to contribute in the areas of advanced analysis of algorithms, theory of computation, simulation & modeling, multimedia communication, cryptography and security, computer vision, machine learning, decision support systems, data mining, web engineering, software project management, software quality assurance, requirement engineering, operating systems, next generation networks, parallel & distributed computing, mobile and pervasive computing, computer networks, artificial Intelligence, Image processing, database systems, software engineering, and human computer interface etc.

To fulfill the MS degree requirements, a student needs to complete 30 credit hours by taking 8 courses of 24 credit hours and 6 credit hours of thesis. The objective of thesis is to enable our students to select a problem, identify research questions, develop hypothesis, conduct experiments and furnish their findings. However, a student may opt for non-thesis option and in this case he/she has to take10 courses and a mandatory technical report. Curriculum has been designed in accordance with guidelines of the HEC/ PEC