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BS Islamic Studies

The Department of Islamic Studies was established in 2008 as emerging seat of higher learning and research. The Department is envisioned to evolve into a center of excellence for producing Islamic scholars to revitalize the spirit of Islamic thought and scientific query. The department grants admissions in Master and PhD programs and offers diversity of courses. Special emphasis is laid to produce research dealing with the current problems and futuristic issues in the light of Islamic scholarship.

The Department has updated the curriculum keeping in view the modern challenges to the Muslim Ummah and requirements of toleranceand interfaith harmony. A number of courses are introduced to achieve these objectives. The studies also help the students to acquaint themselves with the concept of convergence of Islam and science, since current research has opened vast chapter of compatibility of modern science with Quran.

In addition, the curricula and syllabi of Islamic studies is designed to revive the Islamic system of objective based diligence in order to enable the students to deal with present challenges and develop thorough understanding of fundamental classical sources of Islam.

The Department prepare the students to work for cause of Islam and develop the understanding of different cultures and civilizations. Our mission is to provide quality education in Islamic thoughts and culture and aims at launching Dawah, teaching and training programs at international level.