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BS Computer Science

The BS Computer Science program at HITEC University endeavors to produce computer scientists and highly skilled programmers, who can play a productive role in software industry, research and the academia. The program comprises of eight semesters (four years) and covers essential courses in the field of computer science. Additional elective courses are also offered to develop in-depth knowledge in the specialized areas

During the last two semesters, every student is required to take a six credit hours final year project with the aim to undertake practical industrial problems by utilizing the knowledge and skills acquired during the course of study planned in different semesters of the program. The guidelines given by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan have been followed while preparing BSCS curriculum.

Besides the foundation courses, core computer science courses such as distributed computing, machine learning, artificial intelligence, mobile application development, software engineering, digital image processing, software development, data mining, database systems etc., are also offered to provide required depth in the specialized areas. In addition, a number of courses from other disciplines are taught to bridge the gap. Courses related to social sciences, management and humanities are included in the curriculum for character-building and personality grooming of our students.

The BS Computer Science program is accredited by National Computing Education Accreditation Council (NCEAC). The laboratory work is supervised by the concerned faculty member and qualified lab instructor.

The lab sessions are conducted in the well-established and spacious labs which house state-of-the-art equipment. Internet facility is available throughout the campus, twenty four hours a day and seven days a week for the benefit of the students and faculty.

Highly qualified and experienced full time dedicated faculty members are available for quality teaching. These labs enable our students to develop skills which will help them secure jobs both nationally and internationally.