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Outcome Based Education – A Harbinger of Quality

HITEC University has now transformed into an “Outcome Based Education (OBE)” Institute. This shift has added new dimensions to the functions and responsibilities of the Directorate. Therefore, it closely monitors the attainment of “Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs)”, “Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs)” and “Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)” quite diligently.

PEOs are those perceived objectives which our Alumni would be pursuing 4-5 years after graduation. It means HITEC University’s quality of education assures that our graduates would be proficiently practicing their respective professional activities. OBE philosophy essentially requires that all institutions must clearly formulate their PEOs and evidence should be in place to compute level of attainment of those PEOs through feedback from the alumni and their employers.

The HITEC University has defined the following four PEOs:-

  • PEO-1 Our graduates will be proficient engineers in industry, academia or manage self-initiated business activity.
  • PEO-2 They will exhibit adaptation to advancements in knowledge for creating solutions of complex problems.
  • PEO-3 They will contribute as effective team members and managers in their organizations.
  • PEO-4 In dealing with others, they will conduct with dignity, integrity and demonstrate commitment to social responsibilities.

In consonance with the universal practice, the quality of an engineering program must embody the following graduate attributes (also called PLOs). These are:-

  • PLO-1 Engineering Knowledge
  • PLO-2 Problem Analysis
  • PLO-3 Design / Development of Solutions
  • PLO-4 Investigation
  • PLO-5 Modern Tool Usage
  • PLO-6 The Engineer and Society
  • PLO-7 Environment and sustainability
  • PLO-8 Ethics
  • PLO-9 Individual and Team Work
  • PLO-10 Communication
  • PLO-11 Project Management
  • PLO-12 Lifelong Learning

HITEC University ensures that all of its engineering programs must conform to these 12-PLOs. Measuring the attainment of PLOs is also an essential activity of the directorate of QA&C. Fulfillment of PLOs is dependent on successful achievement of the Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs) meant for each course of study. These are clearly defined goals of every major topic covered in a course.