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Engr. Syed Muhammad Hassan Kazmi

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I, Engr. Syed Muhammad Hassan Kazmi, am honored and grateful to share my journey at HITEC. The university played a pivotal role in my professional development, allowing me to represent the Civil Engineering Department in conferences nationwide, expanding my horizons.

Securing an internship at the National Transmission and Dispatch Company (NTDC) through HITEC provided invaluable practical insights, bridging the gap between theory and industry applications. During my academic tenure, achieving the prestigious title of Gold Medalist was a testament to my dedication and the quality education provided by HITEC.

Guidance from teachers and mentors, particularly during our group's Final Year Design Project, resulted in earning the Gold medal. Co-authoring two conference papers and having a journal article under review showcased academic excellence nurtured at HITEC. Post-graduation, being offered a position as a Lab Engineer at HITEC allowed me to give back while gaining further professional experience. It was a dream come true, marking the continuation of my journey where it all began.

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Engr. Syed Muhammad Hassan Kazmi
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