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I was part of HITEC University, from year 2015-2019. Completed my BS in Electrical Engineering (Power) with distinction. After graduation, I worked as a research assistant (RA) with Doctor Kashif Imdad for 6 months at HITEC University. During I chose Ireland for one-year master's program in energy management.

After my graduation, I got a job offer as a Junior Electrical Engineer, worked there for 3 months gained good Irish industry experience, and then switched my job to join the world's leading design and engineering consultancy firm Jacobs as a Graduate Electrical Engineer which was a 2 years program. Finished it in the year 2023, and got promoted to Electrical Engineer. Still in the same company working on this role and working on the Pharmaceutical project.

My connection to university is unbreakable, I was and I am still in contact with my professors which I don’t think everyone could do once they finish their courses. However, I think it is very important to have a connection with your professors and university as it gave me a lot of knowledge and insightful information during my master's course and while selecting my dissertation topic.

The only advice I want to give is to never give up, and never lose hope. Allah has a better plan for you and don’t let down yourself. Never be afraid of asking questions, there is nothing called a silly question. Always ask questions and clear your confusions. Always debate and try to clear your confusion before assuming anything. It's an important advice for studies and life as well. Don’t be judgmental about anything without knowing it completely, every day is a school day so learn and practice it.

There is a special quote, I really want to mention here is;
''The success you are looking for is in the work you are avoiding''.
So, keep your thoughts and intent clear and do hard work. You will get and be there where you want.

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Sohaib Ahmad
BS Electrical Engineering, MS in Energy Management
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