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Faculty of Computer Engineering

Dr. Saad Rehman (HEC Approved Supervisor)

Designation: Dean, Professor & Chairman
Qualification: PhD, University of Sussex, Brighton, United Kingdom
Area of Interest: Digital Image Processing, Digital System Design, Correlation Pattern Recognition, Computer Networks.
E-mail: saad.rehman@hitecuni.edu.pk

Dr. Imran Ashraf (HEC Approved Supervisor)

Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: PhD, TU Delft, The Netherlands.
Area of Interest: Advanced Profiling, Heterogeneous Computing, Quantum Computing, Compiler Technology.
E-mail: imran.ashraf@hitecuni.edu.pk

Dr. Raza Ali Shah (HEC Approved Supervisor)

Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: PhD (Information and Communication Technologies), AIT, Thailand
Area of Interest: Wireless Communication
Contact: raza.ali.shah@hitecuni.edu.pk

Mr. Tehseen Ahsan

Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: MS, University of Surrey, Surrey, UK.
Area of Interest: Deep Learning, Secure Communications, Communication Systems.
E-mail: tehseen.ahsan@hitecuni.edu.pk

Mr. Tauqeer Anjum

Designation: Lecturer
Qualification: MS, University of Keil, Germany.
Area of Interest: Signal Processing.
E-mail: tauqeer.anjum@hitecuni.edu.pk

Ms. Sara Tehsin

Designation: Lecturer
Qualification: MS, National University of Sciences and Technology, Islamabad, Pakistan.
Area of Interest: Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning and Neural Networks.
E-mail: sara.tehsin@hitecuni.edu.pk

Ms. Kaynat Rana

Designation: Lab Engineer
Qualification: BS,COMSATS WAH, Pakistan.
Area of Interest: Computer Architecture, Embedded Systems.
E-mail: kayynat@hitecuni.edu.pk

Mr. Shahbaz Khan

Designation: Lab Engineer
Qualification: BS, CASE, Islamabad, Pakistan.
Area of Interest: Digital System Design, Digital Logic Design, Computer Architecture.
E-mail: shahbaz.ce@hitecuni.edu.pk

Mr. Jawad Qamar

Designation: Lab Engineer
Qualification: BS, UET Taxila, Pakistan.
Area of Interest: Internet of things (IoT), Smart and Autonomous Systems, Embedded Systems.
E-mail: jawad.qamar@hitecuni.edu.pk